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004 Sultanate Of Oman



This Amber Leather fragrance inspired by Middle Eastern Opulence is a truly unique scent to be used only for those with a royal heart. Grapefruit and Orange open this creation, adding their freshness to a bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, and Violet, further sweetened by fruity Raspberry, made lively by a blend of Cardamom, Elemi, and Saffron, warmed by Gurjum, Papyrus, Oakmoss, sensual woods, Frankincense, and precious Aoud, the whole sublimated by a soft, powdery base of Carrot Seed and Orris, with whispers of sensual Musk!

Top notes: Grapefruit and Orange

Middle notes: Rose De Mai, Jasmine, Ambergris, Violet and Raspberry

Base notes: Cardamom, Elemi, Saffron, Gurjun Balsam, Papyrus, Oakmoss, Woodsy notes, Agarwood (Oud), Carrot Seeds, Orris Root, Olibanum, Musk and Birch.

Concentration: 50%

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